It’s been quite a while!

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Life took an interesting turn in December where we were forced to bravely start our own Advertising Design and Marketing Agency. We have been doing design and marketing for my jewelry company and when we worked at other firms, but it was finally time to jump. And yes, jumping is scary! We basically started a business from zero or negative numbers. But what we have is many years of valuable experience and skill to offer to other small businesses that want to have professional branding and online marketing work done to make them look as good as any Fortune 500 company. So, we’re five months into this adventure and so far, so good. I think we’ve gotten past the first hurdle to starting out on your own. Fear! It’s a biggie. I’m not going to say I’m never scared. Quite the opposite. I’m a girl who’s careful with my money and I’m used to growing up with parents who worked for large corporations and had their insurance and retirement needs taken care of. Well, that’s just not the way the world turns now, is it? You have to keep reminding yourself to be brave to fight off the urge to freak out. That’s where we are. We have several great clients, we’ve gotten three websites up so far and have taught them about the values of social marketing via Twitter, blogs and Facebook for business. And it’s working! I spend a lot of time learning from webinars and blogs and when you put this information into practice it’s great to see it actually work for your clients. Because in the end, I don’t want to sell them on hiring me and using newfangled tactics to get clients. I want to increase their bottom line and attract new clients to their businesses! Check back, I’ll discuss the good, the bad, and the scary!

Turkey and stuff

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I love Thanksgiving. I love making everything. I tell people that my Mom is smart. She let the big day go from my Grandmother to me. That’s smart. It’s a lot of work and hassle and I love it. Does that make me crazy? I still make some of the things that Granny did. Makes me happy to have them and I understand why she got happy feeding us. It’s nice to make food and have people enjoy it. Kinda rewarding. Business is moving along, slowly but surely. Nobody seems to be buying jewelry. Odd. I see that online sales are way up. Not in my world! I love two work related things. Meetings where I feel like the client loves my ideas, and making and selling my own jewelry. Love it. Today I had a good meeting. Sometimes that’s enough to make you feel good! Happy Thanksgiving!

Not so sure about those pumpkins, but my mint!

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Since my last post I’ve been to a very sad, unexpected funeral of a friend that was way too young. The burial was in the hardest rain storm I’ve ever been in, complete with the sadness of a bagpipe playing live. The same week ended with another friends’ wedding in Key Largo! And I wonder why I was worn out.

And the pumpkins seem to be blooming beautifully, then disappearing. I know sounds crazy, and I’ve looked and looked, but don’t seem to see anything. I’m new at this pumpkin farming and maybe it’s too late, even in Sunny South Florida. My grandmother used to refer to “frost on the pumpkin” and although there’s certainly no frost, it’s not summer anymore. The good news is my mint is still thriving. I’ve never successfully grown mint, so this is exciting! And, okay, it’s Miami, and I do love mojitos. In fact, I think of them as a diet food. I know, sounds crazy, but I use White Rock club soda and it has zero calories and zero sugar and zero fat and no bad taste like some of it does. A half a lime, a handful of mint pulled from the plant and rinsed, an appropriate amount of white rum, the club soda, and a teaspoon or two of sugar or simple syrup. yum. so the calories come from the sugar and white rum. So it’s approx 116 calories. yum. Want to make it even healthier? Mull some blackberries with it. double yum.

Business is quietly coming to life. It will happen slowly and take work, but I feel it coming.

Did I mention my salsa or pesto gardens? Next time. I have to get back to work!

When life gives you pumpkin seeds

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I’m trying! I swear I am! It’s been a long, tough year. And we’re trying. We have to keep our spirits up, keep trying, try different things and keep going until something works!

I can’t help it if the most gratifying thing right now for me is my pumpkin patch in a pot. I’m awfully proud. I planted them from seeds. I’m in Miami, which makes planting and growing things like pumpkins even more challenging! We’ve got heat, bugs, too much or too little water. But I, miraculously, have pumpkins! Well, pumpkin babies. And yes, you may think, it’s a little late for pumpkins, but that whole, cool nights thing doesn’t exactly happen too early in sunny Miami! This is the first in a series of pumpkin updates along with business. Let’s see if they can take off together. We have a lot of great experience and creativity and business savvy to offer the right companies. Let’s track the pumpkin growth and see if our Branding Agency can grow as well. I fertilized the pumpkins yesterday, and today I’ll put extra effort into the business too! Have a great day! Stay tuned for the blooms!

You gotta go!

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There are things you just don’t feel like going to. Maybe it’s raining (check), maybe you’re feeling insecure (check), maybe your still riding a bummer from your family members’ illness all year/summer (check). But sometimes you get the nerve to just go. Maybe the promise of free drinks and food (check) at a great restaurant in Coconut Grove (guilty). Well, sometimes it’s worth it. Maybe. I’ll let you know. Sometimes it doesn’t feel worth it, or awkward or whatever, but if you’re lucky, you have someone in the car with you, and you muscle through it together (embarrassment?) and you just show up. Okay, it was a networking event, the food and drinks were so far beyond awesome, and we might have just met people that we will work with and change our direction. You never know. Just go!

I love Fall!

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You have to understand that I’m in Miami, and it’s very subtle, fall, that is. But it’s breezy today, and you’d almost believe it’s cool out, until you go out and realize it’s still muy caliente out there! Oh well, at least it looks cool.

I love Fall. I guess it’s all about how you grow up. The fall always meant back to school, which to a girl, means new clothes and shopping! Then there is my birthday, more shopping, and football season. Then the fun three. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Love Fall.

Making new fall jewelry. Gold leafed glass balls. Soooo pretty. here’s a photo:

Enjoy the Fall, I know I will!

Such a nice gallery!

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Okay, I admit it. As a Virgo (I know, horoscopes are goofy, but some of the profiles are right on!), I’m usually a pretty careful kinda gal. Well, a while back, I had a gallery in Conn contact me to work with my jewelry on consignment in a Gallery in Essex, Connecticut. Normally I wouldn’t have been thrilled to to consignment, not to mention, out of state (I’m in Miami), with someone I’d never met. Well, they caught me on a good day, and I agreed enthusiastically. Not until a few weeks after my jewelry arrived in their shop did I see photos of their gallery on their facebook page. I must say, it’s beautiful! It looks like a nice gallery in a great town, and I wish I was there! Not to mention they sold three of my pieces the first two days! Yahoo! So far so good! Looking forward to a meaningful relationship with Left Bank Gallery in Essex, Conn! Here’s their link:


facebook page:!/pages/Essex-CT/Left-Bank-Gallery-Essex-LLC/121613344537350?v=wall&__a=44&ajaxpipe=1