Gold, etc.

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I bought a great metallic gold purse a few months ago and have since been wearing more gold than silver jewelry.

They seem to predict that gold is coming back every season in the fashion industry and it never quite does. I suppose that with the economy’s problems and the spike in the price of gold, either people will want to wear it to show that they still have money, or people might shy away to not be too showy.

Either way, I’m stuck on gold right now! In fact, one of my friends is getting married this weekend, so I ordered gold (filled) chains and wire to come up with something spectacular to wear to the wedding.

So happy for him. He’s found a great girl that brings out the party animal and spirit in him and I’m so very happy for him. Can’t wait to celebrate with my friends. (and my new necklace! haha)

Does everyone who designs jewelry buy clothes with necklines picked out for the purpose of showcasing their pieces? I certainly do! I’m wearing a black sheath dress with a v-neck that will be the perfect frame for a sparkly fabulousness of a necklace.

Now onto the designing! I’ll add my new creations to my etsy account!


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Some days it comes so much easier than others. Lack of coffee? maybe. i know that once you start, it gets easier. so that’s it. i should just start. i love to design new pieces, but the jumping off point. i guess if you could see the bazillions of stones i have to choose from you’d understand how too much choice is sometimes too much! so what am i doing instead? making a batch of granola. yum. so easy, and good. brown sugar, water, pecans, walnuts, and oats.  if you want the official recipe, i’m happy to share. what’s up with people who want to die with their recipes? so old school and quite frankly, crazy. granola’s easy. hardest creativity choice is raisins or no raisins. not that i can’t make a choice, but i emailed my hubby for him to decide! argh. once the granola’s in the oven, i’ll be creating a beautiful necklace. i swear.

Spring has sprung

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Okay, so I’m in Miami and it’s raining. But this too shall pass! It will be a beautiful day tomorrow and it was a gorgeous weekend. Next weekend, it gets serious. 85 degrees both days! ick. Too much too soon. It’s been way below average temps this year and we love it in the 50’s and 60’s but we had too many 40 degree nights and even some in the 20’s and 30’s which is unheard of in Miami.

So here’s to spring! My favorite tree in Coral Gables is about to bloom it’s head off. It’s a huge pompom tree (probably not the scientific name, but mine) and it has blooms that look like a long acorn and pop open with a feathery hot pink bloom. so gorgeous!

Happy Spring! Get out and enjoy the little signs before the summer gets here!

New projects

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I had a great phone call on Friday. It was a daytime tv show in LA who had googled edible jewelry and found me and wanted to possibly feature my jewelry on their show. Wow! Here’s the funny thing. I don’t even care if my stuff makes it on the show! Have I gotten too good at keeping my hopes down, or am I truly honored to just be nominated? Well, since we’ve started a new marketing and design agency, what really tickled me was that I’ve done a good enough job on marketing my own brand, that they easily found me!

Later that day I was looking at etsy and the alchemy section where people request special products. I found a woman who was looking for an interesting piece of jewelry. She was looking for “fidget jewelry” for her autistic tween daughter. I had just designed a fun
new bracelet for my niece and realized it could also be used to help this girl. So that’s sometimes how a new product is born! I love the bracelet. I think it would be great for autistic teens as well as anyone who likes a fun design. I think they would be great in a dull meeting that is dragging on! Here’s the link: Let me know what you think! Mine is navy blue.

Negativity and mean people

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Why? Such a bummer that there are so many people out there that have to give their negative opinions on everything. If I see something that I don’t want or don’t like, I move on. Others don’t. They must have boring lives or loads of hate and anger.

Here’s what I’m talking about. I created chocolate jewelry. Fun idea. That’s all it was. A friend was catering a fancy kids’ party and we were tossing around ideas. I came up with chocolate, edible jewelry.

It’s fabulous. It’s also time consuming to make, and not intended to be cheap and I never thought everyone would want it. I have gotten press from all over the world for it, and sold some pieces and it has been a fun addition to my jewelry line.

There are actually blogs and sites out there that go on and on about it being too expensive, etc. Whatever! Don’t buy it. I really hate that women so easily rag on other women and their ideas. I’m not the biggest burn your bra, women’s libber on earth, but really, isn’t it hard enough for women to have a business without having to be made fun of or put up with the haters?

I’m not a teenager anymore, and honestly, the way I  handle this type is to feel sorry for them. I feel that if you have that much hate, you must be having a miserable life. You don’t have to be negative forever though, you have the power to stop surrounding yourself with the mean girls and gossiping types.

Get out and improve your outlook! Have fun, do things that you want to do. Find friends and a mate that make you feel good about yourself. Don’t wear clothes that you don’t make you feel pretty  and happy. I swear if you try it, you can change your life, your outlook and quit wasting time being negative and mean to others.

When you’re negative and mean, the only one that looks bad is you. Choose to be nice and look for the good in everything and everyone. It makes your life less stressful and more beautiful. And that spare time you’ll have, try helping someone who needs to be picked up.

Pass it on. It’s a good feeling.

We’re in recovery!

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That’s what I heard an economic exert say. Now they need to tell everyone to start shopping again! Did you know that’s what makes the economy run? Some crazy number like 85% of the economy is credited to just plain old shopping! I read an article from Carolina Herrera that she used to sell 4 dresses to her customer’s and now they’re only buying one. come on women, let’s restart this sluggish economy! I’m going to go shopping today with my favorite shopping partner, my Mom. We can’t do it alone! Have a great day!

Yeah, I’m on an etsy email blast!

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As I was reading the daily etsy finds email blast, thinking, where do these people come up with these creative, albeit wacky ideas, there I was! My edible chocolate ring was part of the fun!

What a great day to be included! Mardis Gras! For the occasion we had Jambalaya for lunch! Yum.