Such a nice gallery!

Okay, I admit it. As a Virgo (I know, horoscopes are goofy, but some of the profiles are right on!), I’m usually a pretty careful kinda gal. Well, a while back, I had a gallery in Conn contact me to work with my jewelry on consignment in a Gallery in Essex, Connecticut. Normally I wouldn’t have been thrilled to to consignment, not to mention, out of state (I’m in Miami), with someone I’d never met. Well, they caught me on a good day, and I agreed enthusiastically. Not until a few weeks after my jewelry arrived in their shop did I see photos of their gallery on their facebook page. I must say, it’s beautiful! It looks like a nice gallery in a great town, and I wish I was there! Not to mention they sold three of my pieces the first two days! Yahoo! So far so good! Looking forward to a meaningful relationship with Left Bank Gallery in Essex, Conn! Here’s their link:


facebook page:!/pages/Essex-CT/Left-Bank-Gallery-Essex-LLC/121613344537350?v=wall&__a=44&ajaxpipe=1

~ by Wendy Mahr Jewelry on 07/15/2010.

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