When life gives you pumpkin seeds

I’m trying! I swear I am! It’s been a long, tough year. And we’re trying. We have to keep our spirits up, keep trying, try different things and keep going until something works!

I can’t help it if the most gratifying thing right now for me is my pumpkin patch in a pot. I’m awfully proud. I planted them from seeds. I’m in Miami, which makes planting and growing things like pumpkins even more challenging! We’ve got heat, bugs, too much or too little water. But I, miraculously, have pumpkins! Well, pumpkin babies. And yes, you may think, it’s a little late for pumpkins, but that whole, cool nights thing doesn’t exactly happen too early in sunny Miami! This is the first in a series of pumpkin updates along with business. Let’s see if they can take off together. We have a lot of great experience and creativity and business savvy to offer the right companies. Let’s track the pumpkin growth and see if our Branding Agency can grow as well. I fertilized the pumpkins yesterday, and today I’ll put extra effort into the business too! Have a great day! Stay tuned for the blooms!

~ by Wendy Mahr Jewelry on 10/28/2010.

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