You gotta go!

There are things you just don’t feel like going to. Maybe it’s raining (check), maybe you’re feeling insecure (check), maybe your still riding a bummer from your family members’ illness all year/summer (check). But sometimes you get the nerve to just go. Maybe the promise of free drinks and food (check) at a great restaurant in Coconut Grove (guilty). Well, sometimes it’s worth it. Maybe. I’ll let you know. Sometimes it doesn’t feel worth it, or awkward or whatever, but if you’re lucky, you have someone in the car with you, and you muscle through it together (embarrassment?) and you just show up. Okay, it was a networking event, the food and drinks were so far beyond awesome, and we might have just met people that we will work with and change our direction. You never know. Just go!

~ by Wendy Mahr Jewelry on 10/13/2010.

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