Some days it comes so much easier than others. Lack of coffee? maybe. i know that once you start, it gets easier. so that’s it. i should just start. i love to design new pieces, but the jumping off point. i guess if you could see the bazillions of stones i have to choose from you’d understand how too much choice is sometimes too much! so what am i doing instead? making a batch of granola. yum. so easy, and good. brown sugar, water, pecans, walnuts, and oats.  if you want the official recipe, i’m happy to share. what’s up with people who want to die with their recipes? so old school and quite frankly, crazy. granola’s easy. hardest creativity choice is raisins or no raisins. not that i can’t make a choice, but i emailed my hubby for him to decide! argh. once the granola’s in the oven, i’ll be creating a beautiful necklace. i swear.

~ by Wendy Mahr Jewelry on 05/06/2010.

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