Gold, etc.

I bought a great metallic gold purse a few months ago and have since been wearing more gold than silver jewelry.

They seem to predict that gold is coming back every season in the fashion industry and it never quite does. I suppose that with the economy’s problems and the spike in the price of gold, either people will want to wear it to show that they still have money, or people might shy away to not be too showy.

Either way, I’m stuck on gold right now! In fact, one of my friends is getting married this weekend, so I ordered gold (filled) chains and wire to come up with something spectacular to wear to the wedding.

So happy for him. He’s found a great girl that brings out the party animal and spirit in him and I’m so very happy for him. Can’t wait to celebrate with my friends. (and my new necklace! haha)

Does everyone who designs jewelry buy clothes with necklines picked out for the purpose of showcasing their pieces? I certainly do! I’m wearing a black sheath dress with a v-neck that will be the perfect frame for a sparkly fabulousness of a necklace.

Now onto the designing! I’ll add my new creations to my etsy account!

~ by Wendy Mahr Jewelry on 07/08/2010.

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