New projects

I had a great phone call on Friday. It was a daytime tv show in LA who had googled edible jewelry and found me and wanted to possibly feature my jewelry on their show. Wow! Here’s the funny thing. I don’t even care if my stuff makes it on the show! Have I gotten too good at keeping my hopes down, or am I truly honored to just be nominated? Well, since we’ve started a new marketing and design agency, what really tickled me was that I’ve done a good enough job on marketing my own brand, that they easily found me!

Later that day I was looking at etsy and the alchemy section where people request special products. I found a woman who was looking for an interesting piece of jewelry. She was looking for “fidget jewelry” for her autistic tween daughter. I had just designed a fun
new bracelet for my niece and realized it could also be used to help this girl. So that’s sometimes how a new product is born! I love the bracelet. I think it would be great for autistic teens as well as anyone who likes a fun design. I think they would be great in a dull meeting that is dragging on! Here’s the link: Let me know what you think! Mine is navy blue.

~ by Wendy Mahr Jewelry on 03/09/2010.

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